Vertical Blinds Gloucestershire

 Vertical Blinds are my most popular range and makes up to 75% of sales.

The main benefit of the vertical blind is that the light and privacy can be easily controlled. On a standard vertical blind there are 2 controls, the chain which turns the louvres around 180 degrees and can be fixed anywhere within that, the cord which can be made to allow the vertical blind to be open & closed like a pair of curtains or made to only open completely to the left or right thereby allowing maximum light & ventilation when required.

With the introduction of the child safety Regulations in April 2014 a wand is also available in place of chains & cords which acts in the same way.

Vertical blinds give added security to the home when you are away they can be almost closed allowing a little light in but restricting passers by to look in. My Vertical blinds come in a wide range of colours, fabrics & patterns some of which are washable. My head rails are of excellent quality & will last for many years and the louvres can be easily changed at minimal cost to match your new decor.

Vertical blinds are an ideal choice for patio windows & conservatories. Prices are in five different categories to suit all budgets.

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